5 Books for the Anxious Christians

As a really annoying book=worm, I have found that reading is one of the things that allows me to forget my anxieties for a while and fall into another reality. While this is nice, it is also nice to be able to find God in literature when I can’t seem to find Him in my own life. Although this list may need to be updated and reviewed, these five books are the five that have really made an impact on my life as I’ve struggled through anxiety and depression.

Brokenness and Community -Jean Vaneir

I was given this book at a time when I was struggling to understand why I couldn’t find God in my weakness. Brokenness and Community is in part the story of a community of handicapped persons and how their faith in God began to shape Vaneir’s faith. It also helped me to understand how God finds us in our weaknesses, and how He uses them for His glory in those around us.

Open Hands –  Henri Nouwen

Nouwen also struggled with depression among other things. Reading his work on prayer, Open Hands, has helped me to understand how to talk to God in a time of my life where I felt like He was unreachable. I have read this book allowed to my roommates actually, and we have all found Nouwen’s words to speak to a sacred part of our hearts.

A Grief Observed – C.S. Lewis

After Lewis lost his wife, he kept a journal of his thoughts and fears. I remember reading this after I began to experience anxiety and finding Lewis’s doubts to be similar to mine, even though he dealt with grief, as opposed to anxiety, it was nice to finally feel like my own doubts were being understood.

Calm my Anxious Heart – Linda Dillow

My mom lent me this book when I was in high school and I’ve lent it to others throughout the years. This book is wonderful for everyone, even if you don’t struggle with anxiety. It explains God’s design and will for us when we worry and why a lack of faith hurts His heart. Which is really true. One of my favorite books.

Psalms – King David

Its a given, but such an amazing testimony to the faithfulness of God. I read these everyday, and everyday I have to be reminded that regardless of what I feel about God, His presence is constant. The Psalms are an essential if you struggle with anxiety.

Hope this helps! Let me know what you think!


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