Dreaming God

I don’t know how you all feel about God speaking to you in dreams, but I know for a fact that God uses them to speak to us. I have had many incredible experiences with the Lord while I am sleeping. Usually, these dreams don’t happen very often, but since I’ve been home, God has used dreams and many people in my dreams to speak to me in ways I didn’t expect.

And every time, the people in my dreams tell me the same thing: “Sarah, you have to trust God. He wants you to trust Him.”

It’s not hard to figure out why its been so hard for me to trust God lately. Between dealing with returning home from Guatemala, anxiety and spiritual oppression, changing relationships and the craziness of the holidays, I am struggling with giving control of my life over to God. I’m so scared that if I give God my hopes and dreams and let Him decided what to do with them, I will spend the rest of my life disappointed.

But I have these dreams…last night the dream went like this:

I was talking to an old friend of mine whose dreams were coming true. He looks at me and says, “You know Sarah, it wasn’t until I began to trust God that…” I interrupted him sobbing, “NO no, DON’T say that. It’s not true.” I was crying hysterically so he came over and took my hand. “Why isn’t it true Sarah? Why can’t you trust God?” I don’t remember much after that, mostly me crying. Hard. In my dream. Finally I woke up and realized that God had been trying to help me understand that yes, I could trust Him.

Not going to lie, I sit on my bed crying a lot. My life doesn’t look like I wanted it to. It really isn’t headed in the direction I wanted. I don’t feel very secure about ANYTHING. I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing. And I especially don’t feel like what I’m doing is pleasing everybody. Sometimes people aren’t very encouraging. And even as I weep right now, I remember these dreams I’ve had this past week.

My friends touching my arm, “Sarah, just trust Him” “Sarah, it will be okay, let Him make it okay.” God in my dreams. What does this mean? Can I truly trust Him? It’s a question I ask myself everyday. And everyday I come to the conclusion, if God is sending people in my dreams to tell me to trust Him, then yes, I probably can 😉


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