the arrival

I’m finally here in Guatemala! It’s so beautiful. I am in love with the mountains here.

I’ve been asked a lot about what I’ll be doing in Guatemala and honestly I really didn’t know. Today, I started working at my ministry site, working with child sponsorship in the local schools. The children I met at the schools today were incredibly precious. They helped me learn spanish and taught me how to say my “r”s and it was lovely. I can now count to 5 in spanish.

Despite the fact that I literally knew nothing in spanish before arriving here, I can now communicate enough to understand what is going on and where I’m supposed to be. Funny, I know the least spanish and probably speak the most. I love the language. Its starting to get stuck in my throat and accent. I find myself saying “Si” and “Yo No Say” and “Que?” all the time. Maybe I’m just a try hard 😉

My host family is amazingly generous. They have brought my roommates and I into their family. My mom, Donde Ires, cleans our room and makes all our meals. Our first morning we had pancakes! So I was set for the rest of the day. I’ve been told Ires is the best cook of all the host moms and so far, I believe it! We had soup last night with good.

Everything is so colorful here. The house I’m staying in is bright blue and my room is hot pink. I amidst all the green is the yellow homes nestled in the hills and the pink flowers, dogs running around everywhere and roosters calling all day long. The women wear really colorful woven skirts and carry baskets on the their heads up the hills. I can’t even imagine that! The hills are sooooo steep. I am out of breathe every time I reach home!

I’ve been using as much spanish as I can but I can’t wait to be able to be curious in the Guatemalan’s own language. I am really excited to be here…but beginning to miss home 😉

two days into the program, things have all been overwhelming. No telling what could happen during the next few weeks…that’s the best part!
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