being a morning person

I happen to be one of those annoying morning persons who wakes up with a smile on their face and can’t wait to see people.

this morning my poor sister was having a crisis in my mother’s room at 9AM in the morning. their talking (and crying) woke me up and I shuffled into the room to say good morning. as soon as I walked in my mother burst out laughing. I hadn’t even said anything.

she was like, “Sarah! Look at you! You’re smiling!”

my mom tells me this like every day. she always talks about how my joy is my gift to the world. and she’s kind of right.

but one of the things God has been teaching me this week is that I am not God. go figure. I am so used to living my life as a person who brings life to others. that’s just who I am. that’s who people say I am. that’s who my mom sees at 9 in the morning when I’m just happy to be awake again. and I get so frustrated when people are happy without me.

the other day I was deeply offended by a friend of mine. not because they said anything that hurt me. but they were having a bad day and I couldn’t just…make it all better. there were problems in the world that couldn’t be fixed with a smile and it hit me like a ton of bricks. ew.

but later that day God just seemed to speak to me…in the alpaca barn of all places…He was like, “Sarah, I love you, but the gift of life is something I give to the world. Your job is to bring my life, not just your life.”

this was something I really needed to hear, especially going to Guatemala this fall and encountering a whole lot of problems I won’t be able to simply fix with a good attitude. I can’t be the way, the truth, and the life. that job only belongs to God. thankfully, He does let us experience that life, and bring it to others. which is really cool!

but I don’t always have to be a morning person. and being a morning person isn’t always going to make mornings better for others. some days, mornings suck. I don’t have to make everything better, I can just leave it to God.

not like we need more morning people in this world anyways right?

this week, I am going to work on not trying to be God. how about you?


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