Stephanie is one of the most lovely people I know. she is inspiring, creative, charming and above all, full of life. although she doesn’t always know it 😉

I had the pleasure of spending last week in Mankato, Mn, with her while we went exploring

we found this little gem while we were roaming around: its an enormous bookstore with every title you can imagine! if you have any plans to visit Mankato anytime soon, you simply can’t miss checking it out. they even have a cat. a cat, people. that lives in the bookstore.
DSC_1670DSC_1687 DSC_1662DSC_1676 DSC_1680 DSC_1681DSC_1677DSC_1664DSC_1690DSC_1663as much fun as I had dreaming of all the books I could possibly (though never actually) read, I was more pleased to finally see Steph again. we used to live one floor a part, and now we live an hour away 😦

nothing is more painful than seeing a friend you love hurting, being lonely and struggling to understand why. however, Steph was so encouraging to ME, even as she presses on in her own tribulations. AND, she also writes about the struggle to live with anxiety, depression, mental illness and how hard it is to forgive and love while one is lonely. and yet, Steph does it. she does it every day.

ladies and gentlemen, that is called courage. may you all learn to be as courageous as this beautiful woman.

if you do want to learn…be brave, and read her blog:



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  1. Reblogged this on God, Life & What-nots and commented:
    so…this was written about me…and the only reason i share it is not to seem vain…but to say this….i do not see myself as that in any way…i don’t feel courageous nor do i feel special, nor do i feel as glamorous as pictured here…but it reminds me that beauty and love are so much more vast and so much more than me, so despite the fact that i struggle to accept these things…i need to remember that in the eye of the beholder….i am loved even when i may not love myself, and although its extremely hard to accept let alone comprehend…i will let it be, for in letting it be… it lets me learn.

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