A Little Note on: Open Hands

one of the coolest experiences in London was being surrounded by people who loved Jesus and wanted me to love Him too. we challenged each other and prayed with each other and it was very encouraging.

but one of my favorite moments by far was when a new friend of mine asked me what my “dream” was. it kinda took me a minute to even think of one…I’ve grown rather distant from the concept of following my dreams. but what I responded with surprised myself. it was such a different perspective than that of my 17 year old self.

I told her:

“My dream is…is to never have dreams. or rather, to always have a new dream. dreams that come and go and flow with life. I want to live with open hands. some dreams are achieved. some are destroyed. but I don’t wasn’t to be a slave to my broken dreams and the things I have lost. not only so, but I don’t want to be constantly discontent, always searching for something new to satisfy me. I want to be satisfied in Christ, that is my dream. and then from there, always be curious to new dreams. free to follow. free to fail. free to give. free to receive. free to hurt. free to heal. to be free in Christ is my dream.”

it was an odd thing to say out loud because it represented a lot of healing that had been done…healing I hadn’t really acknowledged when it was happening. but it felt very very good to finally share that healing with someone.


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