5 mistakes not to make in england

10419045_10204496920011835_8370199721158537990_nI stayed in England for three wonderful, lovely weeks last summer. going back feels like a dream. however, there were some mistakes I made last time that I would really like not to make again. I though I’d share them with you so you too, if you ever get the chance to travel to this beautiful country, don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. 😉

1.Don’t wear shorts

the one time I wore shorts in England, I heard whispers and received many stares. people just don’t wear shorts in England. its too cold. the day I wore shorts, I was cold. and I’m from Minnesota people. granted, the whispers were as follows. “Wow! She has such lovely brown legs!” but still. if you want to look like a normal human in England, don’t wear shorts.

2. Don’t get offended

I didn’t do this too often but when I did I regretted it. the English are humorous and generous, but also straightforward. Their version of being polite is staying out of one’s business. where Americans would offer help and cater to one’s emotions, the Brits expect to be left alone and for you to leave them alone. don’t be offended when the English don’t beat around the bush with you when you are being annoying or useless. they aren’t being inconsiderate, they are, by their standards, being polite and aware.

3. Don’t be too chirpy

I was so guilty of this. I tend to be loud and overly friendly for an American, much less in England. it is important to know that in England, being overly emotional in general is seen as somewhat annoying. in the words of a flustered 8=year-old English girl, “You’re real smiley, aren’t you?” yes, yes I am.


5.  Don’t pretend its your country

its’ not. its England. I think sometimes when we visualize England in our heads, we see Dickens and Austen and Sherlock Holmes. and those ideas of romanticized England are certainly there, but it doesn’t belong to you. our American idea of England is not the English idea of England and its important to remember that. the best thing you can be in England is an American.


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