a little note on: birthdays and mottos

I am currently an hour and a half away from being 19, which is weird. considering its an in-between age.

sometimes I feel like I will always be in an in-between stage. do you feel like that?

I’ve had some interesting conversations with various friends today about how odd life can be. my life looks so different than what I thought would look like when I was a little girl. I wanted to be popular and smart and funny and beautiful. and its not that I’m not necessarily those things, they just don’t mean as much to me as I thought they would. it means less that I am smart, than it does that I use my intelligence with compassion. it means less that I am funny and more that I can make others smile. its both a harder and deeper existence I think.

 I find that the advice I give to others is often what I need to hear the most. I’ve been using a few one-liners lately that I need to take seriously for myself. these are things my 19-year-old self needs to know. so I think I’ll write them to remember:

  • Fail Fast
  • Keep Moving Forward
  • There’s only ONE WAY TO FIND OUT

These are the things I live by. perhaps they can mean something to those who also struggle with similar pains in life: be it anxiety, depression, courage, rebellion, curiosity, headaches, broken hearts or restlessness. there is a place for us, but there’s only one way to find out where.

you have to go there.

may God give you courage to be sincere, curiosity to be relentless and compassion to be utterly generous


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