I have spent this entire week angry and frustrated, on the verge of tears. Typical production week. I keep having to remind myself that most of my anger has to do with exhaustion.

At least I get to wear pretty shoes and gorgeous dresses every night  this week.

There have been really sweet moments this week. My sister brought me the latest issue of Vogue. Charity and I decided to watch Braveheart together and cry. I found a connection to Lilith by George MacDonald that I didn’t know existed and that was a beautiful moment. If you haven’t read it you should. 📖

Nevertheless I’m waiting for my life to return to normal after the musical wraps this week. Always learning in the trial. I learn what I need and what is truly important to me.

And I discover so many things. Often I don’t want to discover them. Things like:

I am so very passionate. How do I learn temperance?

I am incredibly happy. And therefore also annoying.

I care excruciatingly more about things than I want to. Or let on to others.

If I want to be taken seriously I must own my vunerability and that hurts.

Hurting is okay.

Have a wonderful week folks! And wish me luck on the performance this weekend!


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