“Why do you follow me?”

Today I walked back from a late night study session in the library. I was cold. It was raining. I was lonely. 

I scurried into my dorm room, kicked off my sneakers and began to take off my make up. I saw my roommate reading her Bible in the quiet and suddenly (it’s always suddenly) I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to my heart: “Sarah, why do you follow me?”

I was kind of taken aback. It had been weeks since I’d picked up a Bible. Longer since I’ve found fulfillment in Christ.

Lately, as I’ve discussed my anxiety and depression with people I’ve told them that curiosity saved me. I believe that if I hadn’t been so consumed with curiosity of happiness I wouldn’t have made it. 

I think curiosity will save my relationship with Christ too. There must be an answer to the question, “Sarah, why do you follow me?” And I intend to find out. 

Whoever said curiosity killed the cat is wrong. Curiosity saved the cat.


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