Day One in Tampa

Let the adventures begin!

This morning I woke up to my mother, shaking me awake at 4AM in the morning. I had been too excited the night before to sleep well which is a new experience for me. I kissed my sleeping sister goodbye and hopped on a plane for Tampa. 10310686_10206320813928043_2887594767114537269_nAfter landing in Tampa, Grandma and Bruce took me to lunch at the SeaFood Dive which was fantastic! It has been 8 months since I’ve had real fish and chips (England has some pretty great chippys!) and I couldn’t have been happier. siiiiggghhh and that’s not to mention the glorious hush puppies.
11058706_10206320815408080_1358441053704213927_nAfter lunch, we decided to visit the manatees on their own pier just outside of Tampa Electric. In order to preserve the bay for these incredible sea creatures, Tampa Electric has built a pier along the bay where tourists can watch and appreciate the manatees from a safe distance. Though we only saw one manatee, we certainly enjoyed the birds and foliage along the bay.11058509_10206320814768064_2793389047878040025_n

We wasted no time on this first day in Tampa. A trip to the orange grove came next! I think this may have been my favorite part of today. 😉 I mean, just look at those babies!   10410784_10206320811567984_3324607943507530939_n 11010591_10206320813648036_8022557170740362460_n

Okay I lied, the strawberry shortcake from the strawberry stand was my favorite. I may have to return to the strawberry stand before my return to Minnesota.
The day was complete with a walk in the woods to search for some alligators. Though my search was unsuccessful, I did get to see the beautiful swamps nestled in the Sunshine Sate. It was a lovely first day, but I would be lying to say I’m not excited for the Cuban city we’re visiting tomorrow! 10409584_10206321771351978_1283787147206336449_n1796668_10206321772191999_2314749035938637741_n10606479_10206321772432005_8432356728139205008_n     11060103_10206320814248051_3203347236565833915_n



Sarah xoxo


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